What do you think about wizards and witches for parties with kids? They can be a great idea to your kid’s parties. There is not even one child who doesn’t love wizards and witches, especially after the appearance of Harry Potter and his friends. Now you can have great magicians at your party, and I am sure all your little ones will love them! Hiring a kids party planner you can get them, and also clowns, face painters, balloon modellers, and many other things! 

The kids love magic because it is a world of mystery and imagination, which takes them to places where everything is possible! Therefore, they have a huge passion for wizards and witches, as they may make possible all their dreams.

So, why not hiring wizards and witches for parties with kids? I am sure they will love to have their presence in your event! Take a look at what you can get!best wizards and witches for parties with kids

Hiring wizards and witches for parties with kids


Are you going to have a party with the presence of children? So it’s always a great idea to hire magicians. Make a themed room where children can discover the world of magic.

You can be inspired by Hogwarts School of Magic of Harry Potter, they much know, and you can even make some treats with ideas taken from the book, such as butterbeer or Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans.

If you are going to give a kids party, you can also take the previous ideas! I am sure they will be surprised with everything, including the presence of wizards and witches for parties with kids! wizards and witches for kids parties

You can ask them to follow the subject, or to prepare a specific show. For example, if you stay with the theme of Harry Potter, you can ask them to on their show they do a “fight” of magic between Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, or that use huge cauldrons with smoke to perform their potions !

I am sure it will be a great success! Do not forget that you should always tell which is your party theme for magicians can plan everything to the smallest detail, including the clothes.

But there are some other themes that you can follow, such as:

  • Wizard Mickey
  • Circus Theme
  • The Wizard of Oz
  • Fairies Theme
  • Frozen Theme
  • And many other

Regardless of the party theme you choose, hiring wizards and witches for parties with kids is always a great idea.wizards and witches for children's parties

Any of the above themes are based on magic, but you can include them in all other Themes because the magicians will adapt to any theme you ask, even if it is a party of pirates!

When you hire them, be careful and make sure that they have the necessary experience with children and know how to deal with them, so that all the little ones feel mingled in the spirit of party.

I hope that helped you opting for these entertainers to your party! You can discover the best wizards and witches for parties with kids in AEIOU Kids Club! Be sure to know them!

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