Now it’s the time to share with you the most popular superhero facepainting designs which have been always a huge success among the best face painters for hire. In birthday parties, or even in other kids parties such as themed parties, or Halloween parties, superheroes are always the best option for face painting. All kids love them, especially little boys who wish become into real superheroes saving their princesses! Aren’t they cute? Take a look at the best superhero facepainting designs and enjoy a fun party! 

There are so many superheroes that we have some doubts choosing one of them. But now we are going to tell you the most popular superhero facepainting designs all over the world.

Find the most popular superhero facepainting designs

Are you curious? Relax! We are going to tell you everything! Let’s see which superhero facepainting designs are doing a big success among the kids.


Yes! Spiderman still is the leader of the most popular superhero facepainting designs. Kids love spiderman and everything that involves him. Don’t your little boy have an obsession with spiderman? The photographer who becomes a superhero when there is danger around and saves his loved one at the end enchanted all kids’ hearts (and adults too!). It’s very simple to make this design and kids look like they are the true spiderman! In fact, they feel like they are! most popular superhero facepainting designs batman


This one couldn’t be missing in our list. At the same level of spiderman, Batman lives on kids’ imagination and actually they live in their daily lives! Well, in fact, all superheroes are constantly in kids’ lives because they are everything they dream to become one day. It couldn’t be easier to make this facepainting design and kids love it. All professional face painters know how to do this one.


As I have said before, superheroes live in the kids’ lives, and it couldn’t be different with Captain America! Even the older characters keep making a huge success among the kids, and it couldn’t be different. All the fantasy around them wakes up all the magic and imagination of the children. Captain America facepainting design is also easy to perform, so every face painters can bring it to your party (and kids’ faces!). most popular superhero facepainting designs halloween


Do you remember Hulk? The green monster with a good heart left all kids and adult in love with him. It looks like the Beauty and the Beast of the superheroes stories. Don’t you fell in love with Hulk? Kids too (and me too, I confess!). You can ask your face painters if they know how to paint it because it is one of the most popular superhero facepainting designs. Kids will love to look like him!


And what about ninja turtles? Who doesn’t follow the ninja turtles? It was a huge success at the time, and nowadays it keep doing a huge success among the little ones. You only need to choose the colour of your eyes banner and then you just need to follow your dreams of fighting the evil!

Were you surprised with our list? I guess you weren’t expecting that the older characters who accompanied your childhood still were doing so much success. But it is true! Now you already know, in your upcoming party call face painters and ask them to paint the most popular superhero facepainting designs.

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