Looking for Musical Games for Kids Birthday Parties? These games can be great for your kids birthday parties, and I am sure all little ones will love them! To ensure your party will be unforgettable you can think about hiring children’s party entertainers. They have lots of games and party entertainment packages to please all kids of all ages. From shows to clowns and magicians, you can make your party truly fun! Now, let’s see some great musical games for your parties. Enjoy! 

Kids love music! They like to dance, sing, and even run to the sound of their favourite music! So the Musical Games for Kids Birthday Parties can be an excellent option for ensuring the fun of your party. We selected some of the best games for children’s parties. Look!

Best Musical Games for Kids Birthday Parties

best Musical Games for Kids Birthday Parties

If your child loves music, why not planning a musical party? The music will keep them moving while the games will keep them organised and fun!

You must first take care of your decoration.

  • In a musical party can not be missing a disco ball and flashing lights. Let the darker room, but not too much, to ensure the safety of children. It is just to be more exciting.
  • Also, put strings and mini lights disc type around your ballroom.
  • Play popular music that children are familiar, such as the music from CDs of Radio Disney.

Now, let’s see some of the best Musical Games for Kids Birthday Parties! 


Musical Numbers

Create a circle of numbered paper or poster board for each child. Put the pieces of paper in a hat. Ask the children to dance around the circle to music played. Stop the music, ask the children to stay in the nearest number and pull a piece of paper of the hat. The child in this number leaves the game with his paper and choose a prize of a basket. Continue until all the children are out of the game.best Musical Games for Kids Birthday Party


Place the classic song “Limbo Rock” from Chubby Checker. Two adults hold the limbo stick at each end. The children form a line, one behind the other, and at the music sound, they are going down the stick. When a round is complete, the adults lower a little the stick.

Children who can not pass under the stick without touching it come out of the game.

Freezing Dance

There are many Musical Games for Kids Birthday Parties, but this one can be truly fun! The idea here is to play a song, set a theme for children to reproduce a figure with the body, and as soon as the music stops, the children reproduce that figure. This game can be really fun, and also encourages children to have creativity!

Aren’t these games just amazing? You can adapt also all the other party games, for example, the bags race. You can play a music while the race is running. I am sure your little ones will have lots of fun. You can also play the musical chairs. A classic game that kids love! Did you like our  Musical Games for Kids Birthday Parties? Let us know!

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