You can find the best Kids Party Catering in Manchester with AEIOU Kids Club. We can cater your kids party and all types of events you wish. We have kids party food boxes, and a fantastic kids party food menu. We also have teenager catering, box lunches, finger buffet, toddler meals, candies, birthday cakes, and vegetarian food for kids! Our kids’ party food in Manchester is healthy and our catering suppliers can cook from babies to adults. Their quality is undeniable!

You can enjoy our kids party catering services in Manchester whenever you want and in many regions of Manchester including the boroughs of Wigan, City of Manchester, Stockport, Bolton, Salford and many more including the close neighbour of kids party catering in manchester

Kids Party Food to Order

We can provide your Kids Party Catering in Manchester for all types of parties and events, from birthday parties to school parties or even community parties!

Skids party catering in manchester-snacksnacks and Platters

  • Cheese Selection
  • Ham Selection
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables + Dip

It is perfect for 4 adults or 8 kids. Everyone will be delighted with this kids’ party food in Manchester!

kids party catering in manchester-angel cake

Medium Meal Boxes

  • Healthy Treat Selection
  • Bite Size Sandwich Selection
  • Cake/Chocolate/Jelly Selection

Our Kids party food to order is perfect for your little ones. It’s tasty and healthy! Isn’t it great?

kids party catering in manchester-jellyLarge Meal Boxes

  • Bite Size Sandwich Selection
  • Healthy Treat Selection
  • Cake/Chocolate/Jelly Selection

Our party food boxes are exceptional. Regard that this kids party catering in Manchester has more options than the medium meal boxes.

Finger Buffetkids party catering in manchester-healthy treats

  • Hot Meat/Chicken/Fish/Veggie Options
  • Healthy Treats and Sides
  • Cake or Dessert Options

If you want a kids party food on a budget, we can give you! Our kids party food menu will please everyone!


kids party catering in manchester-canapesCanapes

  • Sweet and Savoury
  • Meat/Fish/Chicken/Veggie
  • Fruit and Vegetable Based
  • Gourmet Choices

Our children’s party catering is the best option for your parties and events. These canapes are awesome, and your little ones will delight all of you!

Birthday Cakeskids party catering in manchester-bday cake

  • Different Sizes and Flavours
  • Thematic Cakes
  • Cupcake Options available

Our food for birthday party is specially designed to guarantee the success of your birthday parties, and it includes your birthday cake. Our kids party catering in Manchester is the best of the country, and we can deliver your kids party food in Manchester at home, or any other place you wish.

Special Extras

We have many surprises for you. Take a look at these special extras to your kids party food to order.

kids party catering in mancheste chef

  • Waiter/Waitress (4 hours or more)
  • Chef (for hot meal options)
  • Goody Bags with delicious treats
  • Adult Food (Dossier)
  • Tea and Coffee Making Kit

Isn’t it an astonishing kids party catering in Manchester?


Kids Party Catering Services in Manchester: Hire Conditions


Our kids party food to order is excellent for your parties, but before you hire us, take a look at our Catering Hire Conditions:

  1. Delivery Charges may apply.
  2. All our kids party catering services in Manchester need to be paid in full before the date of your kids party.
  3. If you hire hot food, let us know which facilities are available in your party venue.


Kids Party Catering in Manchester: Some Tips

kids party catering in manchester small food

Take a look at some tips to your kids party catering in Manchester. 

  • Make your birthday cake beautiful and personalised! It’s the central piece of your party!
  • Have in mind that Kids don’t eat too much at parties; they like to nibble, so make it simple and small.
  • When you plan your Kids party catering in Manchester, you have to make it colourful. Kids love many colours on the table!
  • Make your food small. Kids also prefer small food, like mini sandwiches, mini burgers, small cakes, fruit cut into small pieces, and so on.
  • Hide the Healthy food. You can cook healthy food without they even realize. You can make, for example, chocolate covered fruits or healthy smoothies.
  • Avoid allergenic ingredients, like foods with gluten, nuts, peanuts, seafood, and similar.


Kids Party Food in Manchester


You can get our kids party catering services in Manchester but also in Birmingham, Liverpool and London. AEIOU Kids Club will provide the best party food to your events, and even your party decoration, bouncy castles, children’s party entertainers and kids’ party entertainment! Your kids’ party success will be guaranteed with us!

Our kids party catering services in Manchester will please every little soul in your party. From younger to older, all of you will be delighted! Contact us for more info and prices. Enjoy AEIOU Kids Club services and our Kids party catering in Manchester!

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