To make your job a little bit easier you have Kids Birthday Party Supplies in Manchester. With these supplies you can decorate your house with disposable things and I am sure you won’t regret to spend some money with them. In this post you can find all you going to need and some shops where you can find the best supplies. Take a look! 

Kids Birthday Party Supplies in Manchester: What you going to need

No matter what kind of party you going to give you always need some disposable supplies unless you want to wash all the dishes in the end, and I am sure you won’t! So grab a pen and start writing Kids Birthday Party Supplies in Manchester.Kids Birthday Party Supplies in Manchester dishes

  • Paper or Plastic Plates
  • Paper or Plastic Cups
  • Paper Napkins
  • Party Straws
  • Paper Party Table Cover
  • Plastic Cutlery

If you are planning a kids birthday party themed you can find those supplies with a lot of characters and colours according to the theme you chose.

You can decorate your house with some disposable supplies too. You can make something very pretty and your kids will love to see how their party is a success among the others. So you can buy some other things, even though these are not indispensable. Kids Birthday Party Supplies Manchester


  • Decorative Jars
  • Party Bowls
  • Plastic Serving Trays
  • Coloured Pinwheel Decorations
  • Birthday Garlands
  • Hanging Swirl decorations
  • Paper Party Lanterns
  • Balloons
  • Banners
  • Pom Poms
  • Buntings
  • Scene Setters
  • Door Decorations
  • Centrepieces

Like I said you have many types of decorative supplies according to your kids themed parties. If you are going to have a birthday party for girls you need to know what are their tastes before you start buying the supplies. So first of all you need to plan it! After that you can buy your Kids Birthday Party Supplies in Manchester.Kid Birthday Party Supplies Manchester


  • Invitations
  • Party Paper Bags
  • Party Sweets Packages

The party begins with Invitations so you need to make or buy them thinking they are essential to captivate your guest’s attention. Not only the party itself is important. The end of a party usually is forgotten and it’s a huge mistake! Kids love to keep some memories with them and you can buy some party sweets packages to put into party paper bags and offer to your little guest when the party is over.


You already have all the party image on your head and you also have made the list of supplies you going to buy. Now you just need to know where. Well, you can see some options here but maybe you can find another one closer to your residence.

  • All You Need to Party – You can visit it at Merlin Park, The Furrows, Stratford, Manchester. 
  • Celebration –  A great shop where you can find everything you need at 515 Barlow Moor Rd, Manchester.
  • Magic Balloons –  Another Party Supplies Shop at Princess Rd, Manchester.
  • Dreemway Ltd – Also at Princess Road, Manchester you can visit this supplies shop.
  • One Stop Parties – Everything you need in only one shop. Visit it at 420 Palatine Rd, Manchester, Lancashire.
  • Fine Party Supplies – At Unit 3, 13-17, Grecian St, Salford you will find many party supplies to your kids birthday party.
  • King’s House Conference Centre –  You can find Kids Birthday Party Supplies in Manchester at Sidney St, Lancashire.

Apart from party supplies you can hire some kids party entertainers to your birthday party such as Clowns and Magicians. AEIOU Kids Club can make your party simply amazing. Contact us for more informations.

You also can buy your Kids Birthday Party Supplies in Manchester.through the Internet. Nowadays there are many stores offering this service. Have fun!

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