Summer holiday approaches, so you need to think of some Kids Activities in Manchester to keep them busy, entertained and happy during this weeks! There are many things to do out there with your children as well as other indoors activities you can prepare for them. Avoid boredom and enjoy some extraordinary kids activities in Machester!

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Outdoors Activities in Manchester

There are several interesting outdoors activities in Manchester to do with your kids in the holidays. We know every child is different, so we give you a wide range of options that can interest the sports fans, energetic, scientific, nature lovers, gadget fans and more. Check this out:

National Football Museum  – a Mixture of sports, fun and learning! You can see amazing stories, information you didn’t know, exhibitions, the Hall of Fame, and of course some souvenirs of your favorite team!

kids activities ManchesterRock Over Climbing – For the active kids who just enjoy climbing! Amazing walls to climb and a young kids play area so that everyone can have some fun! Enjoy and exercise!

Museum of Science and Industry – Just learn more on this five buildings full of amazing exhibitions, scientific experiments and galleries and different special activities every day for young visitors to enjoy!

Indoors Activities in Manchester

If you are more the “stay inside” type, you can try some of our Indoors activities in Manchester for kids. Here are some suggestions on what to do with your children:

Fun Chores! – We know doing some chores might be boring, so why not adding a bit of fun, moving around the furniture, pasting nice stickers in toys and books, creating a battle field against the dirty clothes to put them in the basket and wash them up, or setting the toys down to sleep in their cozy drawers for the night!

kids activities in ManchesterArt Gallery – Prepare an art exhibition with paintings, poetry, songs and dances, prepare a play, tons of activities! You can invite the rest of your family or your neighbors to see the result!

Treasure hunt – You can even hide some nice treats around the house and have them do a treasure hunt to find them, make it more interesting with some obstacles to overcome or quests to achieve. Just like in our entertainment and parties!

More kids Activities in Manchester

There are even more kids activities in Manchester to be done, you just need to ask them what they like and set your imagination to work! Every day in Manchester can be fun, AEIOU parties fun, and you can have a blast with your kids indoors or outdoors every single day! Turn off the Telly and turn on your imagination! AEIOU Kids Club – Kids Activities in Manchester!

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