We are about to give some of our Halloween Ideas for Kids Face painting in Manchester. Children love trick-or-treat as much as we do and they get ready to go out at night with thorough care. We have set together some ideas to make the costume preparation and face painting an enjoyable family moment before getting and eating the sweets in your Halloween parties!


There are many kinds of face painting for kids that you can buy. From organic non-allergy face paint to famous affordable brands that can be found everywhere. Take into account that you would  need to:

1)Choose and draw: Choose the character you are going to paint, get the correct colors and practice your design!

2) Easy is Better : Don’t try too complicated designs if it is your first time. Keep it simple and you will become better each time!

3)Colour Mix: Be careful when mixing colors and cleaning your brushes. You don’t want the yellow to end up being green!!

4) Enjoy together! : Have fun when painting and being painted! Everything is more exciting when work as a team. You can also hire a Clown from our team to help you with this!


You can do simple halloween face painting in Manchester designs only by using some simple colours and your imagination! Contact us for more creative ideas!

Skull:skull face painting

1. Apply White first, all over the face.

2. Take your black and purple paint and outline the hollow eyes.

3. Mark the skull cheeks and mouth with a black eyeliner and Done!

Dead Pirate:

1.dead pirate facepainting Go wild with white over the face.

2. Use black for beard and eye patch.

3. You can paint a red headband or wear a real one! MAke sure you use red, purple and black for some scars across the face.

Find out more ideas on our London, Liverpool or Birmingham websites. Enjoy the fun of this Halloween ideas for kids face painting in Manchester as a family, or get one of our amazing children’s party entertainers to do it for you and check our party entertainment activities. AEIOU Parties!

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