Do you know what are the girls favourite princess characters? Thinking about a princess party? Then  you certainly need to have a look at this post! Find all the best princess characters to bring to your girl’s party. Also, have a look at some great entertainers to add some fun to it, as well as some fantastic entertainment packages. Also, have a look at some awesome party venues in Manchester, and kids party catering. Your party will be a success! 

Find girls favourite princess characters

Thinking about buying a gift, renting or buying a movie, throwing a party for your little girl but do not you know what are girls favourite princess characters? We, as parents, friends, close family, don’t know it all and you better get used to it, besides, kids are always changing their minds, it’s nearly impossible to know what they truly like!

That is why I made this list with girls favourite princess characters:find girls favourite princess characters


I will begin with my personal favourite, Mulan. The story is very inspiring and I advise you to see this film with your kids. Mulan is a strong, dedicated, independent woman who pretends to be a man to defend her father who is sick from “the bad guys”.


Snow white from Snow white and the seven dwarfs are another one of the best choices you have.

girls favourite princess characterCINDERELLA

Who doesn’t love the love story of Cinderella? She is an adorable option for your little princess.


Aurora is another great princess for you to go with. If you want to put a real smile on your child’s face, this is the perfect princess for you.


Ariel’s story is so inspiring and so emotional, I really love it and I know your child will love her as well, especially because she is very pretty.


If you want something a little bit different, why not Pocahontas? If your baby girl is not the girly girl type and more adventurous and independent this is the perfect Disney princess for you.


My sister used to put me to sleep with Rapunzel’s story and that is one of the best memories I have, and you can make your daughter feel that way too making her a Rapunzel themed party. Make sure you all have fun!


Another one of girls favourite princess characters is Belle. She is so delicate and beautiful, I am sure your daughter will love girls princess characters


Jasmine, the princess that hasn’t seen the world. Another fantastic story, I am sure every kid can relate to being a prisoner in the parent’s protective arms, of course, they are too young to realize it’s the best for them.


Tiana is another of my personal favourites although I shouldn’t be telling you this, but I know your little girl will love her!find girls favourite princess character


And now I will tell you (now it is my girl’s favourites turn) my baby girls favourite princess characters, Merida. They, like their mother, love brave and independent characters, so Merida is their personal favourite, and I couldn’t be more proud. But, if they liked Cinderella I would be proud as well.

After all, we are parents and no matter what choice they take, we will support them. Have fun and ensure you get your girls favourite princess characters!

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