Looking for games for a Halloween kids party? In this post we are going to show you some great games that will shake your Halloween Party! Have a look! You might like to check our Frozen party too. You can have some great ideas! If you want to make your party just amazing, check our kid’s party entertainers, such as face painters, magicians, or clowns. They are just great! 

A Halloween party is not a party without games and play, so we made a selection of the best games for you to have a simply fantastic party!

Best games for a Halloween kids party


If you want to have an unforgettable party you need to have a look at the best games for a Halloween kids party. Prepare yourself for fun.


Do you like trivial pursuit? Well, the kids also love, and so this game is perfect for a Halloween party with guests of all ages! Best of all is that it is not a very active game, so the clothes of the kids will be intact!

You can use subjects as the history of Halloween, vampires, monsters, horror movies, witches, mummies, among others. Make your own trivial cards. Paint them according to the theme.

Divide the children into teams and play. Undoubtedly one of the most engaging games for a Halloween kids party.games for halloween parties


And how about adapting the traditional Pictionary for Halloween theme? It’s easy to do. Let’s see!

Straighten two large pads of paper on two sawhorses. Now make some cards with words or phrases that are related to the subject so that children draw.

Divide the children into two teams. Each team chooses one child at a time to draw, while the others guess what he is drawing.


There are several games for a Halloween kids party. For example, you have “Pin the Grin on the pumpkin”, or that game of throwing hats of witches to pins. You can also do a relay race using Halloween props.

All children know these games, so it will be easy entertain them for hours!best games for a Halloween kids party


This game is pretty scary, and it’s great to play with the children. For this game, you ask the children to lie on the floor and pretend they are in a cemetery.

Now you have to tell a horror story, making eerie sounds, while walking between them. The first to move will be eliminated until you have only one who will be the winner!


This game is a classic, and could not miss on our list! Divide your guests into two or more groups. Give each team a couple of toilet paper rolls.

One person from each team is chosen to be the mummy, and the other children have to roll her up completely with the toilet paper.

The team who use all the paper to wrap the mummy first wins. Pay attention to candles. The toilet paper is highly flammable, so make sure it is well away from them for this game.

Hope you have enjoyed our best games for a Halloween kids party! Have a lot of fun in your party and then let us know if kids enjoyed our games!

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