If you plan to host Frozen themed children’s parties in Manchester we have come to help you. Every child is mesmerized by this enchanting story and we agree that having Elsa and Anna attending your kids birthday party or any event will surprise and bring the magic from this Icy Realm to the real world! We also know it is not easy hosting a Disney Frozen themed party, that’s why our AEIOU Parties experts are here to help!

Frozen Party Manchester

Frozen Themed Party in Manchester

You can hire many Frozen themed party in Manchester entertainers, Elsa or Anna to be active hosts and performers, you can get an Olaf mascot to dance around or hire Kristoff to bring the boys into the magic too! The first thing to think about are the games you can do with this theme:

  • Frozen Party in ManchesterLET IT GO – Sing it, dance it, choraograph it, have everyone shouting it out loud, there is not a Frozen Party without this song!
  • Freeze! – If your kids like the old game of “IT” they will definitely enjoy “Freezing” each other and unfreezing  their friends as well!
  • Pass the Olaf – Frozen parcel = Olaf full of treats! You can use the “Do you want to build a snowman?” song!

Frozen Birthday Party essentials

Think of the Frozen Birthday Party Essentials you must have. Many of these things can be DIY or (if you rather rest and enjoy) we can do them for you by one of our AEIOU parties experts if you contact us!

Decoration – Decorate your home or hall with full size cardboard Anna or Elsa, scenery inspired by the movie, banners, helium balloons, balloon walkers, flags, napkins, cups, plates, goodie bags, and more!

Catering – You should have a  Frozen Birthday Cake! With lovely Frozen candles, edible Disney Frozen cookies, sweets, Olaf themed cupcakes, Frozen fruit treats…

Bouncy Castles – Frozen slide bouncy castles, snow machines for hire, bubble machines, Soft play areas…

Frozen party in Manchester

Any season of the year is a good one to have a Frozen Party in Manchester. This Snow Queen classic tale can come to life for your kids’ enjoyment in their own house if you hire one of our experienced Disney Frozen themed party entertainers who will do games, face painting, balloon modelling and everything a Frozen Party in Manchester needs in to be special and unique!

Check our prices and make your children’s dreams come true by hiring one of our Frozen Themed Children’s Parties in Manchester – AEIOU Kids Club!

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