Are you going to give a kids party? Then you surely need to have a look at our ideas of finger food for kids events. I am sure all your little guests will be delighted with our suggestions! If you do not want to handle this, you can hire kids party catering for your party, as well as entertainers to bring some joy to it. This way you can have great activities, which are inserted on entertainment packages, such as magic

When giving a party where there will be kids as guests or hosts of the party, you will sure see adults running after toddlers, babies, or children all the time. When your menu consists of a salad, pasta, soup, it makes it very hard for parents to keep track of their little ones with a bowl of soup on their hands. This is the main reason I can think of to choose finger food for kids events over real meals.

Finger food for kids events: Make it delicious!

Finger foods are also easy to transport and most of the times easier to do and faster to eat. But most of the times it is not healthy and appropriate for children, but today we will change history with some healthy and easy recipes of finger food for kids events.

Let’s now see some of the many ideas available, shall we?finger food for kids events ideas

  1. Jamaica Flag’s Fruit skewer – Fruit is healthy and it is very colourful if we make fun and different combinations we are motivating our kids into eating fruits. Bonus: It provides all the vitamins our little ones need.
  2. Vegetable star burgers – Grind your veggies until it makes it nearly impossible to know what it is, making it less obvious it’s less probable that your child picks on the burgers for having veggies. You can add crushed potatoes for extra texture.
  3. Mini-meatballs – Make chicken or any other white meat meatball and put them on top of a little piece of bread. Phenomenal finger food for kids events!
  4. Grilled Vegetable Skewers – The taste is amazing! And you can make a salad with what’s left!finger food kids events
  5. Fish fingers – do the same you did with veggie burgers but with fish, instead of using a form of a star, a form of a finger or a banana.
  6. Bowl of nuts – This one doesn’t need too much effort to make, just put nuts in a bowl.
  7. Cheese twists – Cut parmesan cheese into stripes and twist two of them together.
  8. Shrimp – Always nice and fresh! And the kids love it! Such a delicious finger food for kids finger food for kids events
  9. Chicken wings – Chicken is very healthy if cooked properly, and children love to eat chicken wings!
  10. Scallops – Seafood is always welcome at a party, right?
  11. Rolled sandwiches – Easy to make them, easy to eat them, and easy to transport them! And the best part is it very healthy.
  12. Sushi – Well this one is a little bit tricky, there are two options you can choose, whether you know how to do it correctly and do it yourself, or you can buy little sushi pieces at a sushi restaurant, either way, keep in mind that pregnant and breastfeeding women shouldn’t eat sushi for safety reasons.

I hope you will have lots of fun preparing and savouring finger food for kids events.

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