One thing everybody remembers of their own lives is parties, good parties, especially birthday parties. So in this article we give you some decoration tips for kids parties, so that you can become a master in organising parties for your kids and their friends. I suggest you have a look also to some magic. You can have a greater party if you hire some entertainers to it. 

Before starting, figure out how many guests will be in the party, so that you can thing about where you will do it – it can be home, a garage, etc. depending on how many guests you will have – and ask if anyone has some allergy or intolerance to food, it’s important.

Best Decoration tips for kids parties

best decoration tips for kids parties

Colour The Floor

So our first tip from our list of decoration tips for kids parties is to use old sheets and paint them with different colours, or to draw in it, using your favourite type of colouring method.

You can use markers to draw, you can use aquarelles to paint it with bright strong colours, you can even use spray paint – just be sure to paint it a few days before the party and leave it to dry.

You can pretend the floor is lava, you can pretend the floor is water, clouds, earth, grass, sky, space, anything you want – you just need to let your imagination flies and create.

One thing you can also do is to use different sheets and stitch them together, creating some kind of alternative rug that will be unique in the world.

In fact, these rugs will also be awesome to walk barefooted in the house, not bringing the dirt in and making it more comfortable for everyone.

This is one of our decoration tips for kid’s parties, would you give it a try and tell us if you liked it?

decoration tips for kids parties

 Drawings on the Walls:

We have more decoration tips for kid’s parties: One fantastic decoration experiment you can do to give a unique atmosphere to your kid party is to – if you can, and have the wall – use chalk of whatever colour you like to draw awesome images on the walls, if your walls are washable.

Do the test, use chalk and clean it afterwards with some water and a cloth. This is a remarkable way to draw on your walls magic creatures, landscapes, animals, persons, cartoons, football players, movie characters, and whatever your imagination allows you to.

Then you can use more things if you wish and take this idea to another level, surprise yourself!

You can freely use these ideas and let your creativity, your imagination and your kid’s ideas as well as his help to give to your party a unique decoration, and making it remarkable for you and your kids. The most fun is in experimenting! Hope you enjoyed our decoration tips for kids parties!

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