Are you looking for Christmas cake for kids ideas? Cake is the King of every party, no matter if it’s a kid or an adult party. A beautiful cake can be simply the best thing in whole party! Take a look at some ideas! 

Some Christmas cake for kids ideas

Are you tired of making the same cake every Christmas? Your kids are no longer surprised? Well, the cake must be brilliant if you have to take your kids attention. Is very important that you decorate your cake with love and a lot of imagination! Some Christmas cake for kids ideas

The base of the cake can be the same. You can do the traditional Christmas cake or choose another one, like yogurt cake, or nuts cake.

The secret starts when you are decorating it! Always do a marzipan to cover the cake so you can perform a better decoration on it! Take a look for some Christmas cake for kids ideas!

SANTA CLAUS Some Christmas cake kids ideas

Kids simply love Santa Claus. They wait one whole year for the moment they dream about him. So, if you add Santa Claus to your Christmas cake? You can make a drawing with some colourful sugar, or you can make your cake with a shape that allows you to transform it in Santa Claus.


How cut are angels? Especially the girls love them, so try to add some at your Christmas Cake for kids ideas! You can place some angels on top of the cake and make your kids eyes shine!

SNOWFLAKEChristmas cake kids ideas

The kids love to play with snow in the garden. It has a special taste when it’s on Christmas season, so think about put snowflakes on your Christmas cake.  It’s a Christmas cake for kids ideas very easy to do.


All the kids love a beautiful Christmas Tree… It allows them to dream and imagine what they have on the gifts make them very happy. If you are trying to surprise your children make a Christmas Cake with Christmas Tree shape. Make some Christmas Balls and a beautiful star to put on top of it. Your kids will love it! Christmas cake for kids


There are a lot of CHRISTMAS CAKE FOR KIDS IDEAS that you can present to your kids. See some ideas that are simply great and originals! 


Are you looking to surprise your children? That’s one of the Christmas cake for kids ideas that can help you to be well succeed. You can make a little snowman and put on top of your cake or you can make all your garden pieces to adorn the cake around your snowman. Christmas for kids


Rudolph is the favourite reindeer of the kids. Try to make the Rudolph’s drawing on your Christmas cake and the kids will be delirious with it!  You also can do your cake together with your child. That’s a great moment to make a good relationship between you!Christmas for kids ideas

Are you looking for more CHRISTMAS CAKE FOR KIDS IDEAS? 

If you have a particular taste to pastry you can do some beautiful things with your Christmas Cake.

  • Igloo with penguins – How cute it would be? You can make two cakes. One in rectangular shape and another one with an half circle shape to do the igloo. Put this second one in top of the other and make it seem like an igloo just like the image. Now you can do some penguins, or you can buy it, and lay it around the igloo. Fun Christmas cake for kids ideas
  • Christmas gifts – Well, what kind of child doesn’t like gifts? All love them! You can transform your cake into a real gift. Make a rectangular cake. Then cover it with marzipan. Now you can make a beautiful bow to put it on top of the cake.



 Make your Christmas dream come true with these Christmas cake for kids ideas! 

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