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It comes that time when you want to give your baby a party but don’t know what character should be the main attraction? Happens to all of us! After all, they don’t talk yet and tell us what is his favourite character right? I know the struggle. If you want to know the best characters for babies parties then you came to the right place! Stay tuned to know everything!

Find out the best characters for babies parties

best characters for babies party

I believe one of the best characters for babies parties is baby looney tunes. I know, it’s old, but gold! How adorable and cute! It’s my personal favourite.

Another great character or Scooby-Doo, we all had fun with his stories and now your little baby will have fun too!

Callilou is also a very cute child and we all have a great time watching his cartoons, now it’s time to put him on your baby’s cake!best character for babies parties

Elsa and Anna from the movie Frozen are also one of the best characters for kids parties since they are the greatest hit on Disney’s movies at the moment.

And how could we possibly forget about the minions? Those adorable little yellow creatures will make your baby smile and you too!

If your baby is curious why not go with Dora The Explorer? She knows how to answer your baby’s questions and she will be a great party theme.

Winnie The Pooh is a classic! Everyone love Winnie The Pooh and your baby will sure have fun eating his cake too, and if he can’t eat cake yet, I am sure you and the rest of the guests will!

Another classic, Snoopy! That cute dog will make you and baby melt! That is also one of the best characters for babies parties.find best characters for babies parties

Not leaving the animal spirit, Tom and Jerry! We all had fun watching them run after one another. It is never a wasted time the time you spend watching their cartoons.

And you will wow your guests and your baby with Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! I personally love to watch him!

Let’s be nostalgic for a while and include Sesame Street in this list too, shall we? Oh, I loved that show! Didn’t you?

Do you remember Popeye? Another one that I consider one of the best characters for babies parties. Don’t you agree?

Lilo and Stitch! Everyone loves them! Even my grandmother loves those cartoons!

And for last but not least, the Lion King! And this is it for the best characters for babies parties, I hope I helped you with my ideas for characters for your little baby’s party, make sure to comment to let me know what you think.

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