Do you need 8 years old kids party entertainment ideas? We have the best ones. When you are organising a party you must plan it very carefully so everything goes just fine. The best way to ensure it is hiring children’s party entertainers together with kids party entertainment so your little ones have lots of fun. You can hire, for example, clowns, magicians, balloon modelling or face painters. What do you think about it? But wait, we have lots of other ideas to give you. Take a look! 

There are plenty of games that you can do at your party, especially because now your guests are already older. Now you can dare a bit more in the choice of activities for your party, and now you can invite more children to go there.

Here’s our selection of the best 8 years old kids party entertainment ideas!

Best 8 years old kids party entertainment ideas

8 years old kids party entertainment ideas clowns


There is no child who does not like clowns, or even adults! So it is always an excellent choice to hire one or two clowns to ensure the joy of your party.

Everyone laugh a lot at each fall they have, at every stumble over his own feet, or in the games they preach to each other.

There are also several shows of clowns that you can hire for your party.
But if you do not want to spend money, why not make yourself a humorous number? Haven’t you no skills? So think of a family member or friend and ask him to prepare a show for children.

This is one of the best 8 years old kids party entertainment ideas!

8 years old kids party entertainment ideas magic


And what about preparing a magic show? There are quite a few easy tricks you can learn and that will leave the kids open-mouthed!

If you do not mind of spending some money on the animation of your party, why not hire professional magicians? They will know exactly how to please all your little guests.

8 years old kids party entertainment ideas balloon modelling


All children like to balloon Modelling. They stand there to look every gesture of the artist, always waiting to know which figure will come out. It’s amazing to realise how much they are delighted with this sort of thing, so simple, but that make them so delighted.

You can find several websites with tutorials that teach you to make several figures with balloons. Just learn and put into practice.

That’s easy and one of the cheapest  8 years old kids party entertainment ideas!

8 years old kids party entertainment ideas face painting


Another activity that lets kids thrilled. They love to see others to staying with the faces with beautiful designs, in addition, they adore incorporating the characters they have in their faces.

Just as the balloon Modelling, you can also learn several designs to make in many places on the web.

Do not forget to buy paints that are not abrasive. Children are quite sensitive to this type of products.

Did you like our ideas? Hope your party become a huge success and kids have lots of fun in there. If you have any suggestion to us about 8 years old kids party entertainment ideas, just let us know!

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