There is nothing missing on AEIOU Kids Club. Now you can enjoy 1st birthday parties in Manchester hiring our services. We know that your baby’s first birthday party is an important date, and that’s why we are here to help you planning it! It’s not a party like all the others, you must think about plenty things to everything goes fine. You must be careful when you hire party venues, birthday party entertainers, party catering, and you also have to pay attention to your party decoration, and to your birthday party entertainment.

You can get our help to your 1st birthday party in Manchester in many areas including Wigan, City of Manchester, Stockport, Bolton, Salford and many more including the close neighbour of Liverpool. I can assure you that everything will be just perfect!

Tips to your 1st birthday party in Manchester

First birthday parties are so magical! We imagine how proud you are for celebrating it, and that’s why we are here: to give you some good ideas to make your 1st birthday party in Manchester just amazing.

First of all, congratulations mom and dad. You were blessed with this divine gift. Now let’s see some tips to make your 1st birthday parties in Manchester just great.

  • Hours – You must plan very carefully your baby’s birthday. Don’t plan it for the whole day. Your little one isn’t prepared yet for a party of hours. So try to make it after your baby takes his nap, late in the morning or in the evening.
  • Guests – Invite only a few number of guests. Just your close family and friends, so your little one don’t stress with many people.
  • Help – Ask close friends or family to help you in setting up of your first birthday party. We know that little babies give a lot of work, so there is no shame being tired!
  • Entertainment – You must think about your party entertainment. There are many activities that you can do, but hiring kids party entertainers is your best option!

Ideas to your 1st Birthday Parties in Manchester

We have many ideas to give to your 1st birthday parties in Manchester. In fact, we can help you a lot making your 1st birthday parties a huge success. Take a look at our fabulous ideas and I am sure you won’t give any other party so great as this 1st birthday party in Manchester!

  • Storytelling Session – Do you imagine how fun it would be a storytelling session? You can have it at your first birthday party hiring our kids birthday party entertainers. I am sure that your little baby will love it!

1st birthday parties in Manchester storytelling

  • Puppet Show – What is the little kid who doesn’t like puppets? We also have a fantastic one for your 1st birthday parties in Manchester, with a beautiful story to tell!

1st birthday parties Manchester puppet show

You can have these fantastic activities and, even more, hiring AEIOU Kids Club! Let’s think about your girls 1st birthday? We have many things to please little girls, so your 1st birthday parties in Manchester will be awesome.

You can have our face painters in your girls 1st birthday party to make your little girls just pretty and cute! I am sure your little baby will have much fun!

For your boys 1st birthday we prepared a surprise too. What about balloon modelling? All little kids love balloons, and if you have balloon’s swords, balloon’s puppies, and balloon’s flowers, even better! I promise you that your boys 1st birthday will be just great!

Doesn’t matter if you are going to give a boys 1st birthday or a girls 1st birthday, if you want that your 1st birthday parties in Manchester be a huge success you need to hire our giant bubbles! Do you imagine how fun it would be many giant bubbles in your garden and the little ones running to catch them?

1st birthday parties manchester bubbles

We can handle your party catering and your party decoration too. We know that feed little kids is not an easy task and you must be tired. And that’s why we have the best kids party catering ever! We also have fantastic decoration to your baby boy or baby girl first birthday! Our 1st birthday parties in Manchester are always a huge success, so contact us now for further information and prices.

Entertainment to your girls 1st birthday and boys 1st birthday

You can have a memorable party with our 1st birthday party entertainment. We have many party entertainment packages that will make your 1st birthday parties in Manchester amazing. Take a look at some other options that you can enjoy:

AEIOU 1st Birthday Party

Hire our 1st birthday parties in Manchester and your kids party will be perfect. You can get it not only in Manchester but also in Birmingham, Liverpool and London. You can enjoy our kids parties everywhere you wish, so don’t wait any longer and book one of them contacting our Kids Party Planners in Manchester.

Didn’t you find what you were looking for? We have many other options to your little one’s birthday. We are experts on kids parties and our kids party entertainers are so awesome that they can engage every little soul in your 1st birthday parties in Manchester.

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